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Accueil: Bienvenue
Meet us at Afterworks in France, Belgium, and soon Montréal and others !



Companies are called upon to accelerate their ecological and social transition and can draw on the extraordinay driving force that makes them up: their engaged employees.

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Afterworks in in France, Belgium, and soon Montréal and others

Next promotion for our program which helps employees to set up collectifs

Action guidebook

This Action guidebook brings together all the actions carried out by our eco-friendly employee communities on a single platform, based on their experiences inside their companies

Grow the community of eco-friendly employee communities

Develop projects between communities and with the rest of our ecosystem
Advocate for a more responsible corporate world


LES COLLECTIFS is a network of professional citizens created to transform companies from the inside, notably through collectives of committed employees.

Together, we have already involved thousands of employees and carried out hundreds of actions to change projects and practices as well as strengthening mobilisation around these ecological and social issues.


We are united by a desire to further align our beliefs and our businesses. Our position and our mode of action are intended to be a new response to bring the business world to take its full share in the major ecological and social challenges.


This ambition is based on objectives and concrete actions with impact. We share a constructive and transforming vision. We believe that this human adventure can contribute to a new corporate experience. We believe in a lucid and authentic, positive and unifying mode of action. 


Our manifesto is the first common public speaking of this new network.

We now wish to spread and allow a change of scale.


Accueil: Programme
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Accelerate the creation and impact of communities

  • Encourage and support the creation of new communities

  • Bring together involved employees from the same company

  • Share good practices, capitalise on our experiences and share a provider referential (waste management, catering, mobility, etc.)


Grow a community of
enlightened professionals

  • Strengthen our knowledge and expertise on complex and technical topics related to environmental and social issues

  • Facilitate trainings, webinars, networking and experience sharing events

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Be a driving force for the transformation of businesses

  • Joining transition initiatives and working on sectoral proposals

  • Participate in citizens' conventions and provide a voice at national and international events

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