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ADEME (French governmental agency), 11th January 2024
Sociological study on the ecological mobilisation of employees, with a focus on emploee collectives and on the LES COLLECTIFS network


Séisme, 11th October 2023
Link: "[in French] Speech by Quentin Bordet"

Culture responsable by Pomelo.webp

Culture Responsable by Pomelo, 10th September - 17th October 2023
YouTube link [in French] : "Cycling for better work", "Linking perso/pro commitment", "Citizen Convention", "Conferences", "Climate Quarter-hour", "Shadow Comex"

LinkedIn Actualités.jpeg

LinkedIn Actualités, 20th March 2023
Link: "[in French] An Atlas for corporate commitment"

Université de la Terre.jpg

Université de la Terre, UNESCO, 26th November 2022
Link: Round table discussion [in French] "Join or Leave : giving your life new meaning"

Mon Quotidien Autrement.png

Mon Quotidien Autrement, October 2022
Link: "[in French] To all employees who want to fight for ecology in the workplace"

LOGO MR21.jpg

MR21 : La communauté des managers responsables, 30th September 2022
Link: "[in French] When sustainable business transformation becomes an employee affair"


France Info, 26th April 2021
Link: "[in French] Employees commit to making their company greener"

Change now.png

changeNOW, 30th May 2021
Link: [in English] "Employees Changing Companies from Within"

b smart.png

B SMART, 1st May 2021
Link [in French]

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