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LES COLLECTIFS is a movement that brings together committed employees, management, opinion leaders and a range of partners who are driving the economic ecosystem forward. Discover them here!
Our communities

At the heart of this new action-based employee movement are eco-friendly employee communities (or green teams, or environmentally-driven ERGs), communities of employees who are aware of the issues and want to take action at their own level for the ecological and social transition.  They lead concrete initiatives within companies to "transform them from the inside". 3 main pillars of action are used:

Raising awareness and training

Change internal practices

Making the case for a responsible redirection of business models

Eco-friendly employee communities dynamics have emerged in more than 200 French and international companies, with more than 100 mature dynamics. The experience, size and activities of these collectives vary. At this stage, we are not publishing an exhaustive list of these companies, but 30% of the CAC 40 are represented, as well as subsidiaries, ETIs, SMEs and public bodies.

These communities' dynamics are a proof of collective but also individual commitment: find out about certain paths here

Our core team at LES COLLECTIFS

The core team acts as a support structure for building the network's strategy, coordinating actions and communities, and liaising with partners.

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Opinion leaders who support us

From the outset, LES COLLECTIFS has attracted the interest and support of a wide range of actors in the ecosystem, helping us to raise our profile, give a voice to committed employees and encourage collaboration.

« For me, these inter-company movements are the key to meeting ecological challenges, so I invite decision-makers to meet and support them. »

Emmanuel Faber

ISSB President

Ex-CEO of Danone

« Knowing that Les Collectifs exists gives me great hope. There are thousands of us, probably millions, who know that we need to reinvent companies in order to change course. »

Frédéric Laloux

Reinventing Organisations Author and Creator of THE WEEK

« At CEC, we were delighted to have LES COLLECTIFS as guarantors of the approach, and invite all managers to rely on their employees to transform their company. »

Eric Duverger

Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat Founder

« Movements like yours are positive and necessary for the world. Employers should use their employees' foresight to the full! »

Lorna Davis

B Lab Board Member

Some of our partners:

We work with a number of partners who are reinventing the business world

Eco-friendly employee communities change lives, a few examples (in French):
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